Things I have been doing the past week

Lately, I’ve been Interested in learning French. I am learning it on an app called Duolingo. It’s a hard language but its fun to learn. 🙂 I actually changed Siri on my iPod to be in French so I could have conversations with it in French. That has actually been a successful way to get me to learn the language. I can actually write in French better than I can speak it. But since I got Siri, I can practice my accent that way. 😀 Going to France made me want to learn the language even more. and also since we are going to Victoria Canada for 6 months, they speak some french there too. The food packages, some signs, and radio stations are all in English/French which makes it even easier to learn!

I also have been wanting to learn Japanese. It’s just been hard to learn online. I think I would need a real life tutor. I just wanna learn all the languages. haha
I think it would be cool if you could speak to everyone in the world without a translator.

I was also thinking that I could make a video blog. Basically where I just record what we did on an exciting day. So instead of a blog post with writing, I could do a video where I talk about my day. Or I could just record the day I had, and then you can see what I did better.Well of course I wouldn’t stop blogging with words, but for some blog posts I might do that. 😀

I have also been working hard on creating a secret album, which has been really fun. It’s probably coming at the end of the year. Some of the songs you already know are in there. But the rest are secret shhh

Anyways that’s what a bit of what I’ve been doing lately 🙂
See you in the next post 😀

My first Music Video

About 3 or 4 months ago, I recorded a music video to my song Courageous. 🙂
It was so fun! I got to record it with one of my friends I’ve met in San Miguel Mexico. The roads were all rocky so they were hard to walk on. We even did a shadow scene where a shadow was creeping up behind me. That shot was too blurry though. Can’t wait to make more music videos! Hope you enjoy. 🙂



I’m Just Too Bored

Today I was really really bored. So I made a music video!
I didn’t know what to write about, so I wrote about boredom. I wanted to get to the video taking, so I wrote the song as quick as I could, and then filmed around the house. The video is too big to put on my blog, so here is the link the the video:

I’m Just Too Board

Tell me if you want me to do more video’s like this.




See You Again

See You Again Is out on CD baby now too! ?Yay! So happy. 🙂
I’m so glad I could see you all again last year, and I can’t wait to come back.
Here is the link to the song. 🙂

See You Again!

Do you think I should make a music video for the song? If so, what are your ideas? 😀
Love you all so much!



The Hippie Festival

Yesterday we went to a festival. It was pretty fun. It was in this little closed in area that had cute little buildings. Food was in food trucks and there was a lot of organic stuff. There were a lot of little events with self healing and palm readings. I took the creative workshop about how to get your work?out there before It’s finished. It gave?some pretty helpful?advice. There was also a kids area where Marie learned how to walk in stilts. My Mom, Dad, and Aysia, went to listen to a harp meditation thing.

After we were all done with the little workshop stuff, we went to the middle of the festival to eat. There was a stage and everyone was doing Kirtan. (It’s basically singing the same lyrics all over again, with the same melody, and singing about gods). The Kirtan gave me a headache, but right after that we went home.

Cute little building at festival

Cute little building at festival.

Kite festival next door to the other festival.

Kite festival next door to the other festival.

Marie On Stilts

Marie On Stilts.

Kirtan at the festival.

Kirtan at the festival.



Hope you enjoyed the post. 🙂




People have been wondering when I’m going to start selling my songs. Well, Courageous is up on CD baby! yay! After a long time of waiting for the song to come back it finally came back in the final version. It’s been so fun to record the song, and can’t wait to do more!

Here is the link to my CD baby page. 🙂
Click this link for my song!
If you want to write a review on the page you can sign up.
Or you can just write a review on my blog. thats probably easier lol.
I’m going to be putting some other songs on there too soon!
Like: See You Again, and BFF
Speaking of See You Again, and BFF, I have the behind the scenes in the recording studio! 😀
And It was super fun working with Steve (recording artist). He made the time at the studio feel extra special.

Hope you guys have an amazing day.

Love you all!


The Kitty Dress

Yesterday, Marie modeled her kitty dress. It was really fun being goofy and pretending to be professionals. I edited the pictures so they would look like real ads. Hopefully you get a good laugh out of one or two of them.

Kitty Dress Floor


Kitty dress-bathroom

Kitty dress red couch

Kitty dress clean wall

Shower kItty dress

Ball Kitty dress

Kitty bowl kitty dress

Kitty dress godess

Garbage Kitty dress

If you want to see these same pictures but in a video with annoying cat music, click on the video

Cheers to Marie with her amazing modeling skills!
Tell us which picture is your favorite. 🙂




Cannibals In Fiji

Hello guys! Sorry for my disappearance from my blog…It’s been almost a year! So so terribly sorry. It’s because I was in a crazy situation in Fiji. I was almost eaten by cannibals! Lol just kidding! (they quit eating people). Fiji was beautiful. Crystal clear water, palm trees, cute little hermit crabs, and bad Internet. The Internet was not working there for some reason but other than that, it was beautiful.

Here are the best things about Fiji.

The Fiji warriors

This is the guy who protects the village.

This is the guy who protects the village. He has three dots on his face. One on his forehead and two on his cheeks. The three dots represent family. He looks cool doesn’t he?

Trees! Beautiful trees!

Trees are beautiful. :)

Because trees are beautiful.


The water was beautiful. So I've heard anyways. :( mom, dad, and Marie, went kayaking. I was in the room watching Aysia.

The water was beautiful. So I’ve heard anyways. 🙁 Mom, Dad, and Marie, went kayaking. Aysia and I were too tired to go kayaking.


Traditional dance

Traditional dance

Same dance but with full grown warrior dudes.

Same dance but with full grown warrior dudes.

Me going in a circle dancing with the tribe

Me going in a circle dancing with the tribe

? Crabs

We saw tons of little crabs in Fiji. They were so CUTE

We saw tons of little crabs in Fiji. They were so cute! 🙂


There were LOTS of bats flying around sunset time. It was nice seeing them pass by.

There were LOTS of bats flying around sunset time. It was nice seeing them pass by.


Waterfall We swam in! (Don't worry the waters clean)

Waterfall We swam in!
(Don’t worry the water’s clean)

Me in the waterfall pool with dad

Me in the waterfall pool with dad.

Standing in front of the waterfall.

Standing in front of the waterfall.

Bamboo rafts

Bamboo rafts are what the tribes use to get around the river.

Bamboo rafts are what the tribes use to get around the river.


Well, that was the list for the stuff I like about Fiji. I really am sorry for not writing for so long. From this post on, I will try to write every day, Or every other day if possible. I know you have all been sad and wondering if I would ever write another post again. Well, I’m getting back on track now! Yay!

Love you all!

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How to change your skin in Minecraft! video!

I made my first youtube video! this video was supposed to go into my other channel called EmilyMinecrafter, but I couldn’t figure out how to put it on there so I put it on my normal channel 😀 hope you guys enjoy it. 😀

here is a link just in case you cant see the video on the post

New picture i made:D

I drew a new picture! yay! she’s a werewolf or something. but thats what I wanted to draw at the time. 😀 she took about 3 hours or something to make. any ideas of what to name her?


Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 2.30.08 PM

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