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Singing at Vespa

I went to rock and roll at Vespa Cafe! Well, jazz not rock and roll. It was open mic night! where anyone can perform. I sang “What a Wonderful World” and “Put that Smile your Face” which is a song I wrote. I LOVED IT!!!!! I also watched the other guests performing. Here are some songs others played:

A red?squirrel?rebellion/song

Omm Ganesha/sang in Kirtan.

One guy read a poem he found from Facebook/poem.

And Marie Sang a song too about the world. It doesn’t have a name.

Any question about what a kirtan is ask me in a comment. Thank you for reading my post and I hope to see wonderful and?beautiful comments! Hope you all have a great day!

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My Documentary of Nature

It is a little bit?cheesy to me, but it has a lesson. I made it myself. 🙂 Marie was the star in the movie. The?documentary shows nature’s?beauty and how to take care of it. Hope you like it!

I was embarrassed to show my great nature documentary at first, but dad convinced me. Speaking of nature, today I took care of a hurt bird. Last night I heard a sound just like that bird I was taking care of. I think the poor little bird fell out of its nest or something. I couldn’t find a nest though. Marie wanted to name it fluffy, so we did! I fed it some banana juice and some water and it was feeling better. I put it to sleep and when I looked back to check if it was doing well in its sleep it was dead. I think it was sick. I buried it and hoped it would have a second life. I cried, but don’t you cry. Here is a picture.

P1120758Sorry I posted bad news.

Hope you enjoyed the good news.

My Reality in 2013

I’ve changed since 2013, and so has my?education,?relationships, and more. I decided to post about what’s?different?in my life now, and about what has been happening?lately.

How My Homeschool is Now

My mom and dad got a big book with lined paper and wrote some math problems and other things. Right now ?I’m starting long division. My mom and dad want me to do Piano?Marvel — a program that teaches you the piano every day — so I get good at piano.?Here is a picture of my homeschool book. I got a green book and Marie got a red one.

Photo on 3-5-13 at 2.18 PM

What I like to do

I am not so?interested?in drawing anymore. I found what I really like is singing, writing and reading. I do still really really enjoy drawing but I am getting interested in other things. I wrote a book with a great lesson called the “Ugly Lady.” I’m making?Illustrations for it too.


We have been having lots of parties lately. Yesterday my dad did a piano?concert. 50 or more?people?came to see the concert! I guess we have a lot of?friends. 🙂 All the kids were downstairs watching a movie, while the?adults watched Dad. My best?friend Naomi?came to the?concert. We haven’t seen each other for a while, so I was really happy to see her again.



Things I’ve Made

I’ve designed my own clothes that the tailor might make for me! The people are really cute that I made to be models. 🙂 Here is a picture.

photo 1?photo 2

The Ugly Lady

There was once an old lady who often got laughed at because she was so ugly. She shared what she had with the neighborhood, even though she had very little. All her teeth fell out except her two front teeth. Her dress was made of old kitchen rags, and she had a bald spot right on top of her head. But she didn’t care! All she cared about was her kindness. One day she decided to help the workers pave the road. After the old lady was done, the workers asked the old lady if she would take some money for being so thoughtful. The old lady refused and said, “I don’t take money but I do take love.”? The next day, the old lady woke up on her park bench and decided to eat breakfast. She picked some berries off the bush and saved some for the neighborhood. She sat back down on her bench and then thought, why am I in bad shape when everybody else is in good shape? She thought for quite some time. Then a boy came and sat by her side. They chatted for a while until the old lady asked, “Why am I in bad shape when everybody else is in good shape?” The little boy paused and then said, “I think it is because you take too much care of others, but not of yourself.” The little boy got off the bench and said goodbye to the old lady. Six weeks after that, she decided to try it. She picked up a toothbrush and brushed her wobbly tooth. She never used a toothbrush before. The ugly lady brushed and brushed until a bright light went into her mouth. Her teeth were not wobbly anymore, and all her teeth were back! Then she saw a fairy appear out of the bushes. I made your teeth appear. I am the tooth fairy! You brushed your teeth for the first time! Make sure to do the other parts of your hygiene and live a healthy life. Then, the fairy and the old lady and most of the other people lived a happy life.

Hope you liked this post! Love you all!!!

P1110211HI guys! I renamed my blog to be Emilyonearth!?Because I am not always in the jungle but I travel all over the world! I like to see cities, jungles, and most of all snowy wonderlands! Grandma Alli was so nice to think of ?a name for me! It was a great idea too?because, dad has his blog named?Pearceonearth. You might be wondering why I put this picture of the teddy bear on my blog. Well?you see, this teddy bear?reminds?me of my travels, I think he’s cute! ?I am thinking of changing?my blog?theme too. Thanks for reading this post!

To Everyone

From, Emily


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Happy Fall!

This is a spooky?message from me to you! You will trick or treat and have fun! and wear creepy, silly, or princess clothes. And for the grown ups, they can look and enjoy the leaves of Autumn change color. Then you might have a?Halloween party and play fun party games and return home and eat your candy. Then you go eat dinner and have a?stomach ache. and come back home and rest and sleep and feel so scared you leap! You might even see a ghost! Well I doubt it. The next morning you will see the leaves still are the same! and you gasp! In?relief that?Autumn is still here. It is too bad I am in Bali where the leaves don’t change color, I feel bad that I can’t have a?Halloween party with you and dress up fun and go out. But I will always remember when I had those moments.


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Natural Things

If ?you read this blog post you will learn about good things to do with nature like soil,?recycling, making your own things out of?natural?resources, you will love it.

Part 1: Making

One day Marie and I?decided to make paint!?Because we didn’t have any. So we?gathered some mud for brown paint, and we?gathered red flowers for red paint. The brown worked better than the red. I will tell you how to make your own?natural paint. Here are the?ingredients.

1. Fill your glass with a sprinkle of water and put your mud?into?it. If it is not working fill it with more water.

2. Don’t use your paint brush to paint, use a Q tip.

3. Paint!

So thats how you do it.

Part 2: Bamboo

If your building a house don’t build it with wood?because bamboo is better. Here are the reasons.

1. It grows faster.

2. It is better for nature.

3. It looks cool!!!

Part 2: Animals

If you have pets you do not put them in a cage. Do what your pets want, like taking them on walks and more. You can make?natural food for your pets too. Here are the?ingredients.

1/3 organic skinless chicken breasts

1/3 organic brown rice

??1/3 organic green beans

So try making?something?out of that for your pets.

Part 3: we are hippy’s

Sorry this isn’t any learning, but I forgot to say?something?cool. We are hippy’s! Here are the reasons.

1. Hippy’s travel light.

2. They?believe?whatever they want.

3. They wear bright clothes.

This is the end! And………..

Happy holidays!

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My Elephant Birthday Party!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!

? It was fun! Here is what I did.:)! So we went to the ?Elephant Safari Park and booked a night in the park. The workers showed us my room and it was?beautiful! Here is my ?room.

Wow! Not what I expected.

Here is the elephant show!

Sitting?Elephants, impossible!

Yes, they were?trained.

Here is an elephant painting a picture!


Cute little Aysia. 🙂

Aysia: Hi, I’m Aysia!

Here is me riding an elephant taxi to dinner! Well, not at the time, you will see me in the?video.

Elephant: I’m?tired! Stop?laughing!

Here is an elephant towel.


Here is the?video. You will see an elephant playing a harmonica! Well, just watch. 🙂

Thank you for watching!

Go to download the best game in the world! I?recommend?it.


See you again

See you later?alligator

Bye bye!

Catch you later!

Ta ta for now!

See Ya!

Thank you for reading my blog post and see you again in another!


Pictures by

Brandon Pearce

Jennifer Pearce

Movie editer

Emily Pearce

Spell check by

Brandon Pearce


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My Pictures

I drew pictures on the iPad and I love how pretty they, are so here they are.

This picture is my snail and mushroom picture. I made the mushroom so you could ?see it from the bottom. 🙂

I made this tree out of dots!?It’s dot art. This is called dot tree.:) I put shading on the side of the tree.

This is my tree I made. I used a wet brush for the leaves, this is called leaves and trunk.

I have more but I need to show you in a?different post.

My?family broke the rules! I am crazy! Driving on a?motorcycle with 5?people! We can hardly fit, marie’s standing in the front, dad behind, me behind dad, mom behind me, and aysia on her front. no booster seat, no cover, just crazy mayhem!!!:):(:):(:):p

Well thank you for looking at this post.

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Pelangi School

I’m going to school. I meet new?friends?every day and learn new things. I love the way my school is kept and how nice?everyone is. But the bad thing about it?is the kids. They are ?the loudest,?noisiest, and most of all crazy. Something weird about Pelangi School is that I am 8 years and they put me in 2 grade and sing abc’s. 🙁 But in that class the thing that I learned is,


Color meditation is when you think about a color and then think, how does it make you feel, what does it sound like? Well here is an example. Think of red. It makes you feel cozy and you think of a cozy house and walk?through the cozy?hallways, then you sit on a red couch and feel so?comfortable and then open your eyes and you’re done. That’s how to do color mediation.


I love how Pelangi looks. It is so cute. 😉 And most of all it’s clean. Pelangi is so organized and good looking. But?sometimes the kids carve?graffiti.

Well, I bet you’re interested in looking at the?pictures, so here they are. 🙂

The path to Pelangi

My class room

? ? Happy Summer!

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I Am at Bali

I am at Bali! It’s so?cool. Bali is full of rice fields and?it’s?beautiful. 🙂 I got a?camera here in Bali. It’s my dad’s old canon but I will talk about the?camera?in?another blog post. Bali is a?religious place, most people here believe in many gods. Some gods are scary looking and some are funny. 😛 But most are scary and have lots of body parts.

Carving from stone.

This is how you say One Two Tree in?Indonesian.

1 ? ? ? ?2 ? ? 3

Satu dua tiga

This is up to ten.

Satu dua tiga empat lima enam tujuh delapan sembilan sepuluh

1 ? ? ?2 ? ? 3 ? ? ?4 ? ? ? 5 ? ? ? ? 6 ? ? ? ?7 ? ? ? ?8 ? ? ? ?9 ? ? ? ? ?10

(Its?pretty simple if you know how to?pronouce.)

Scary god.

I like Bali. Here are some pictures of my house in Bali. It’s?beautiful. 🙂

View from ?my room.


View from the porch.




Me on my bed.

I love bali and I can’t think of?anything?bad about it.

The end of post!:)

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