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My Rescue Center

I?volunteer at a rescue center every week. I get to feed toucans and a monkey! I?also get to?clean and organize the shelves. It’s a great experience. It’s so much fun! The rescue center is called Refugio Herpetologico de Costa Rica. There are turtles and crocodiles and owls, parrots and snakes, too. But they don’t let me feed them. The squirrel monkey’s name is Luna and the toucan’s name I don’t remember. The toucan got hit on the neck but not to worry, they’ll fixed him up.

I’ve got some pictures of the rescue center.

This is Luna pulling my hair. It didn’t hurt at all.

This is me holding Luna. Isn’t she cute? She’s a squirrel monkey.

The toucan likes papaya, bananas and strawberries, and that’s what I fed him.

This is the front gate of the Refugio Herpetologico de Costa Rica.

This is a big crocodile that they keep in the rescue center. He’s so big! He ate dogs so the people tied him up on his arms really really tight so his hands got cut off. And then the rescue center rescued him.

This is me holding some parrots on a “T” pole.

This is Luna all by herself. Isn’t she cute? Her back is bright orange all the way down to her tail.

This is me holding a toucan. Do you see the food in the toucan’s beak? Did you know that toucans have to eat every ten minutes?

Hope you like it!

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My Baby Sister Is Born

My baby sister is born. She is so cute. I woke up 4 in the morning to see her.

Here ?are some?pictures of my sister.

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My House

This is my house. It has a gorgeous view, two bathrooms and a?pool table. And it also has a pool! With a starfish in the ?middle — a red one that’s painted. I like this house so much. My house is so artistic 🙂 with a cat named K?gl. She is a girl. She has black and white fur. Here are some pictures?of the house.

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I Like Toucans

I like this animal. It is a toucan. I like that toucans have so many colors. Now wach this?video of me talking about toucans.

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The Baby Ducks

I like the baby?ducks. They are so?funny sometimes. They’re yellow and?black. I wish I could hold a baby duck. The mom duck was making eggs for her baby ducks to be born, and it is at my house. Here is a picture of the baby ducks at my?house. Can you see them in this picture? They are small. You can click the picture of the baby ducks to see them?better.

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I Learn Spanish

Here is a picture of my Spanish tutor. She teaches me to speak Spanish!!! I?like to learn Spanish and I know cabeza and I know brazo and I know fresas.

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The fog

The fog is very scary to me because I can’t see. And it is fun to play in the house when there is fog. It is at Costa Rica every day and I like to watch birds in the fog.
And here is a drawing of fog.

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The Trees

The trees are beautiful. And they’re green and bright green. The color is beautiful too.

And animals live in it too. It is fun for them.

The trees give us food. Some people like to build tree houses too, and when you find trees, give them water and also some love.

Do you like trees? I like them.

and this is me swing on a vine

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The Animals

There are lots of animals at my house. There are bunnies and there are squirrels, and there are pretty birds. There are also the flowers and lizards. I found them in my garden

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The Park

The park is fun to play in. There are swings and slides and of course a bench.and it has a tree house too.

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