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You will not?believe what I made today! Eyes! I only made them in 10 seconds! I made the eyes all in?different colors. Each time I draw the eye they all turn out?different. Here is my eyes.

Believe?me or not I made all of these pictures. It is one of my favorites.

I can show you how I do it if you come here to Bali! You can make any color you want. It is hard to explain.

We Are Going To Viet Nam

We are going to Viet Nam for a visa run. And we’re thinking of no computers there so, I made my blog post now.? And also notice that if I spell any words rong?because, I want to make this a?surprise for my parents.?Usually my dad corrects the words, but today he isn’t and he’ll see ?the best typing I can do!

What i’m most?exited about is the train! You get to have beds in there, and there is a bedroom with four beds. Well Aysia could sleep with mom, and I think we are going to meet a lady I don’t know her name, and I never talked to her but i’m sure she’s nice. 🙂


I know this is so sad and so fun for?people. Some are happy some are sad, well i’m?those?two. I miss my?friends and?family, and I love?travailing, but… ??It’s so hard to not be with your?friends?and?family, but I will always remember them as long as I am alive. 😀

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ???By see you at another blog post!

and happy?holidays

Hanna The Witch.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? Hanna The Witch.


Hanna is a witch, she has a pet cat Glory. Hanna is 9 years old and she will learn how to fly on her broom! She could not wait. All her friends would be watching her. When it was time to fly, her mom taught her how to fly on her broom. Hanna’s mom said, “Go on a journey to your cousin’s house, and here is some money to buy what you need.” Hanna took the money and flew! “Bye mom! Bye dad!” Hanna called out. Hanna was flying high and she was scared. She held tightly to the broom. She saw the light down in the city and looked up again. She saw another witch. She had scarlet eyes and blond hair. Hanna said, “Hi! whats your name?” The other witch said,”I’m Scarlet. Are you flying for the first time too?” Hanna said,”Yes! I am.”

“Where are you going?” asked Hanna. Scarlet said,”I’m going to my Grandmother’s house. Where are you going?” “I’m going to my cousin’s house,” said Hanna. Scarlet needed to go the opposite direction.? “Bye!” she said.

Part 2

Buy What You Need.?


Hanna saw a shop. She was hungry. She flew down. She got lots of food and a beautiful dress. The dress had a swirly pattern and it was black. She got on her broom once again and took off. She saw a plane and flew away. The captain of the plane said, “A witch. I don’t want any witches at all!” The captain was jealous because he could not be magic like witches and wizards. He chased Hanna down. Hanna hit a tree with her broom and she fell. Her broom was broken! She asked where the nearest? broom fixer shop is. She asked a wizard. And he said,”There is one right there!” The wizard pointed to a big shop with a picture of? a broom. She went inside. She saw a tall women standing next to a wand. The tall women said,”Can I help you?” Hanna said, “Yes! I’m on my first time flying and I broke my broom!” The tall woman fixed Hanna’s broom with a little magic and it was done! Were was Glory? Hanna called out, “Glory! Glory!” Glory was found at a grocery shop looking at fish. “Get out!” Hanna said to Glory. It was time to go. And it was dark. And Hanna went to her cousin’s house.


Part 3



She was flying on her broom and she saw her cousin’s house! She landed next to the house and screamed in excitement. She ran towards the house and rang the door bell. Her uncle opened the door and said, “Come in. Welcome. How was your flight?” Hanna told the whole story and he said, “I will show you your room.” She went to her room and saw it was amazing! “Your cousin is sleeping. You will get to see her in the morning,” said Hanna’s Uncle. Hanna did her bedtime stuff and went to bed. The next morning Hanna got up and saw her cousin in the kitchen eating her breakfast. Hanna said, “Amy!” Amy was Hanna’s cousin. Hi!!! said Amy. “Your here now!” Hanna gasped in excitement. Hanna ran up to her cousin and said, “Amy! I’m so glad to see you!” Amy said, “How was your flight? I wish I would? learn how to fly on a broom!” Hanna talked about the plane, and how she broke her broom and Amy gasped. “What dangerous things you have done,” said Amy. “I know! I have done dangerous things,” said Hanna. Amy said, “Do you want to go on a walk with me?” Hanna said, “Even better! We can ride on my broom? together!” Amy agreed, and squealed. Hanna brought out her sparkling broom and went outside. Hanna got on her broom and said her cousin should join, so they flew. Amy said, “Look! There’s my friend Pollen’s house!” Hanna loved to fly on her broom and do her witch spells. But she doesn’t like the dangers behind it all! With the broom, she almost fell off, and the spells sometimes come right at you!



Part 4

New School


Hanna wanted to land, so she did. Amy got up and said, “We have a new school! We are going to see it tomorrow!” Hanna asked,”Is it Margi’s school? I heard it has crazy witches there!” Amy said I don’t know! and they went to their rooms. Hanna saw the sun going down. “Wow! Time flies when your having fun!!!” She went to bed and fell into a deep sleep. The next morning Hanna got up and got her school backpack out and she saw her cousin waiting by the door. She went outside. Hanna let Amy on her broom and flew to their new school. They got to their school and said, “Lets go!” The principal stopped in front of them and said, “What are your names?” Hanna and Amy said their names and the principal led them to their class rooms. They were in the same grade! They were so happy. They went into their class and picked a magic desk. The teacher said, “Welcome to Margi’s School! Today we are going to learn about how to do a nature spell. First, you should think what you need to do. Think of nothing else. The class all closed their eyes and tried to think only of making a nature spell.

One of the students shot a green light and a tree appeared! “Good job Kate!” said the teacher. Hanna saw the nature spell was tricker then she thought! “Let’s try this again shall we?” Hanna tried meditating and it worked! She saw a tree on her desk! She saw another one on Amy’s desk. She saw the whole class had one too, except for a girl with blue bright hair and a sad looking face. “Well done class, but not Layla!” A girl with funny looking hair said, “You can’t do a spell! How horrible. You are such a looser!” Hanna said to the girl with the funny hair, “YOU LEAVE HERE ALONE!!! If she can’t do this spell she will figure it out!” The girl with the funny looking hair got her cheeks red. The teacher said,” Franny! I will give you a punishment for making fun of that poor girl! You have to go to the magical punishment room, and I will set it to powerful!” “What is the punishment room?” Franny asked. “It’s a room where you get attacked by a monster, and I set it to powerful!” The punishment leader came in the class and picked up Franny and put her in the magical punishment room. After school, Hanna remembered that she was leaving her cousin’s house in the evening. She got on her broom and went home, packed her stuff, said good bye to her favorite cousin, and flew off. She flew home. She saw a plane pass and come back again! It was chasing her! She did a turn around spell on the plane and flew home. She got tired and made her broom a bed! She went to sleep. She woke up seeing her mom and dad. She was home! She turned the bed into a broom and lived a magic happy life!


The End

written by me, Emily Pearce 😀

We Think We’re Going To Malaysia

I can’t wait ?to go to?Malaysia!? Its going to be a?lot of? fun. And the language is different yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I can?learn a new language:) I love the buildings. They’re so so cool!!!!?

the flowers

The flowers are beautiful, and they’re so beautiful that the sun? shines on them.? The colors are beautiful on them too.