Html is a thing I’ve been studying for about three months or more now. Its so fun! You can design your own website with all sorts of things like pictures, colors, fonts, lists, etc. Here are some things that I use in html.

<h1>?Makes your text really big!?</h1>

<h2> makes you text a little bit smaller</h2>

<strong>Makes your text bold!</strong>

<p>Groups text into paragraphs.</p>

There is more to it though, like adding pictures, colors and lists, etc. <ul>stands for?unordered?list</ul> <ol> stands for?ordered?list</ol>

It looks like this.

  • this is an?unordered list!
  • this too.
  1. this is an?ordered list.
  2. this too!

To add an image type.

? ? ? <img src=”image url” />

Not too hard.

For background color you type:

<body bgcolor=”put color name here”>

those are some of the basics.

I’m thinking of a website I should make with html. Let me know in the comments if you have any ideas for what kind of website I should make. I will show you the website in a new blog post.

See ya later big green alligators.



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