People have been wondering when I’m going to start selling my songs. Well, Courageous is up on CD baby! yay! After a long time of waiting for the song to come back it finally came back in the final version. It’s been so fun to record the song, and can’t wait to do more!

Here is the link to my CD baby page. 🙂
Click this link for my song!
If you want to write a review on the page you can sign up.
Or you can just write a review on my blog. thats probably easier lol.
I’m going to be putting some other songs on there too soon!
Like: See You Again, and BFF
Speaking of See You Again, and BFF, I have the behind the scenes in the recording studio! 😀
And It was super fun working with Steve (recording artist). He made the time at the studio feel extra special.

Hope you guys have an amazing day.

Love you all!


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