My Documentary of Nature

It is a little bit?cheesy to me, but it has a lesson. I made it myself. 🙂 Marie was the star in the movie. The?documentary shows nature’s?beauty and how to take care of it. Hope you like it!

I was embarrassed to show my great nature documentary at first, but dad convinced me. Speaking of nature, today I took care of a hurt bird. Last night I heard a sound just like that bird I was taking care of. I think the poor little bird fell out of its nest or something. I couldn’t find a nest though. Marie wanted to name it fluffy, so we did! I fed it some banana juice and some water and it was feeling better. I put it to sleep and when I looked back to check if it was doing well in its sleep it was dead. I think it was sick. I buried it and hoped it would have a second life. I cried, but don’t you cry. Here is a picture.

P1120758Sorry I posted bad news.

Hope you enjoyed the good news.

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