I love Thailand! Especially the food! There is some noodle soup that is boring but what I like is……….Glass noodle salad! Surprising huh? Most kids don’t like salad. The salad had see through noodles, amazing flavor, lettuce, peanuts, sprouts, tomatoes, onions, pork and………….nothing else I can remember. First I went to Bangkok with the top most beautiful temples. The fanciest temple I had ever seen is the grand palace. If you type grand palace Thailand in google you will see wonderful, unbelievable, fun, cool, scary I mean beautiful, gold fun, awesome, Kung foo panda legends of awesomeness I mean templerific temples! Oh sorry templerific is not a word. Well I have a lot more things to say about the grand palace but I will tell you about other stuff now.

At the grand palace something funny happened! I did not like people taking pictures of me but now I do! Why? Because I found a little game from my friend’s blog! In China they got so much attention because my friends are quadruplets! There are five kids in their family, and one is in a wheelchair. Here is a picture of millions of people taking pictures of me at the grand palace! I have a super models life that is for sure! And if you ask me it is pretty fun to play this game! My goal is to get one thousand people in my pictures. Guess what? They never ever take pictures of my parents they only take pictures of Marie and me. This is how the game started. One day mom read me my friend’s blog post at It was the funniest thing! One day I saw a girl pulling me down on a stair. I was mad! Very mad! I pulled out my camera as fast as I could and took a picture of that lady with a camera. I won the game because she didn’t get a picture of my face, she got a picture of me holding my camera in front of my face.

We also went to the tiger temple! Believe me the tigers were not statues. I got to pet a tiger at the tiger temple, pet a baby tiger, and see animals running around! The animals had no cages! Don’t be scared please! The tigers and the bears are in cages. I went in the tiger’s cage to pet the tigers. But the water buffalo were not in cages! If you ever go to the tiger temple you can’t wear bright colors like red, orange, or bright pink. Kids have to wear non bright clothes and so do the adults. But only the adults need to be covered all the way to the knees. You will also need to cover your shoulders.

Next we went to Chiang Mai, another city. In that city I bought Harry Potter 1 and read the whole thing in three days! And then I bought the Harry potter two! I also have Anderson’s fairy tale book. I found that I really love reading. Anyway I will tell you about this city. My favorite restaurant in Thailand is Nature’s Way. The name fits with my blog. At the restaurant I had a wonderful pancake and a glass noodle salad. In Chaing Mai I went to a mall! The mall had a handful of shoe stores! And guess what? An adult shoe fit me! I must be big foot! BUT PLEASE!!! DO NOT CALL ME BIG FOOT!!!!!

In Chaing Mai I also cut my hair to my shoulders! I did not know cutting my hair would be so easy to take care of! And cutting my hair looks beautiful!

Anyway we also learned that street food in Thailand has a lot of MSG. Nature’s Way does not have MSG! That is one reason I love Nature’s Way restaurant. I went on a tuktuk, which is a car but with no doors. I read more than anything else in the day now because I love to read! Sorry, lets get back to Thailand. Okay! We also went in a night train! This night train was better than the Viet Nam night train. Well I think that’s all I have to say folks. Here are some pictures I took of the activities I did in Thailand.

This is my hotel room.


Here is the grand palace!

And here are some pictures of my life! Woo!!! Hoo!!!

This girl is taking a picture of me! YA!

Oh no! Not another one!

Stop I say! Stop!!!

I don’t like being a celebrity. 🙁

I might as well go home! Stop!

Well I will come outside and see if my fans are gone. Oh no, not again!

See what it’s like to be a celebrity? Well I am not a celebrity but I know a celebrity’s life!

Here is a video of my celebrity life!

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