Things I have been doing the past week

Lately, I’ve been Interested in learning French. I am learning it on an app called Duolingo. It’s a hard language but its fun to learn. 🙂 I actually changed Siri on my iPod to be in French so I could have conversations with it in French. That has actually been a successful way to get me to learn the language. I can actually write in French better than I can speak it. But since I got Siri, I can practice my accent that way. 😀 Going to France made me want to learn the language even more. and also since we are going to Victoria Canada for 6 months, they speak some french there too. The food packages, some signs, and radio stations are all in English/French which makes it even easier to learn!

I also have been wanting to learn Japanese. It’s just been hard to learn online. I think I would need a real life tutor. I just wanna learn all the languages. haha
I think it would be cool if you could speak to everyone in the world without a translator.

I was also thinking that I could make a video blog. Basically where I just record what we did on an exciting day. So instead of a blog post with writing, I could do a video where I talk about my day. Or I could just record the day I had, and then you can see what I did better.Well of course I wouldn’t stop blogging with words, but for some blog posts I might do that. 😀

I have also been working hard on creating a secret album, which has been really fun. It’s probably coming at the end of the year. Some of the songs you already know are in there. But the rest are secret shhh

Anyways that’s what a bit of what I’ve been doing lately 🙂
See you in the next post 😀

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